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Prosperity Investment Management, a firm with the specific aim of managing the wealth of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and executives since it’s inception. Our unique and dedicated approach to asset and wealth management stems from our primary purpose of providing an unparalleled, confidential and devoted service to you, our clients.

Irrespective of where you find yourself financially, we understand that you require a wealth manager who can support you on your quest towards the protection and growth of your wealth. Prosperity Investment Management works collaboratively with over 30 institutions with the ability to facilitateand conduct business across all 7 continents.

How we can help

Investing with Prosperity Investment Management offers you a direct gateway to some of the most recognisable and dependable institutions globally, who can match your ambition whilst providing the security for your future. Our services cover a wide scope from personal banking, asset management services and insurance to corporate advice on setting up a business rightthe way through to exit-planning and tax efficient profit extraction.

  • Reduce your tax liability
  • Grow your capital with bespoke offshore funds
  • Preserve your wealth
  • Flexible Investments
  • Attractive Referral Schemes



Asset & wealth management is more than just giving investment advice. PIM ensures it encompasses all aspects of your financial life and investments portfolio.


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a phrase at the top of every American’s tongue right now. Most US Nationals assume they can’t be helped but in recent times this is an area we’ve specialised and honed in on to make sure you benefit from your expat status.


Wealth is about choice, which is why we have over 1000 funds you can gain access directly into, in addition to a range of exclusive structured products.


We all strive for a secure retirement, but several intricacies and the time required to achieve this can make the entire topic seem ominous. PIM’s aim to provide you with every tool available to allow you to figure out where you are now, where you aim to be and to successfully fill in the gaps in between to ensure your latter years are spent in complete solace and control.


Forex is always at the forefront of our minds, and we anticipate it’s at the forefront of yours also. Our clients generally have money spread in various locations linked to previous residency and destinations that they’ve spent time working in. With such dramatic changes across major currency pairs in the past 12 months, we constantly have our finger on the pulse so you don’t miss a trick – ensuring the very best rate once FX conversion take place.


Providing your children with the ideal start in life is every parent’s priority.In order to do so, high and insurmountable costs can often creep up. PIM looks to help you start as early as possible to make this very important matter feel seamless.


Protection is extremely important. For you to assess your wealth efficiently, you need to look at downside as well as potential upside risk. This includes scenarios such a job loss, poor health or even death and how the future ofthe closest ones around you are in safe hands.


Prosperity Investment Management (PIM) has a combined experience of over 13 years working for the biggest conglomerates across the wealth management industry and was created with the sole purpose of providing a personable, meticulous and innovative approach to a wide range of wealth management and advisory services to expatriates and investors globally. Priding ourselves on a holistic approach that offers whole-of-market access we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that we can offer to your, constructed with a bespoke feel that covers everything from long-term saving structures right the way through to the tax-efficient management of your existing pension schemes that you’ve worked hard to accumulate and protect.

Prosperity is here to walk you through every step from day one up to retirement, and then implementing those secure foundation for the next generation as part of your legacy planning. Our expansive compass of heavily developed and regulated products has been made possible through a dedicated and ethical approach to our clients along with the formation over time, with some of the largest institutions and insurance companies globally leaving no room for compromise when it comes to building your financial future.



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